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Clean Press



• Manually applied, high-performance cleaner.

• One-kilogram pots.

CLEANPRESS is a unique combination of heavy duty cleaner and polisher.

CLEANPRESS is used there where energetic action is needed such as press heads and the front lip of ironers.

CLEANPRESS contains an exclusive abrasive, which cannot leave any traces in metal or aluminium.

CLEANPRESS will remove all residues such alkaline starches, burned waxes, lint accumulation or others.

CLEANPRESS, because of its use on hot surfaces has to be used with the appropriate applicator gloves to protect hands and arms


1 Smear the product onto a safety glove.

2 After ensuring that the ironer is shut down, manually apply CLEANPRESS onto the front lip of the ironer bed.

3 To clean off the application along with any possible residues, pass through very damp sheets.

4 Repeat this operation until the sheets come out without any dirt.